Lots 313 - 318, Catalogue of Auction #62 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
313 **   11/24 imp
1900, Coat of Arms, 1h-5k, imperforated complete set of 11 existing values in horizontal sheet margin pairs, full OG, NH, VF, Mi #10U/23U, ?500++
314 **   25-29 imp
1901-04, Coat of Arms, black numerals, imperforated complete set of five in horizontal sheet margin pairs, full OG, NH, VF, Mi #24U-28U, ?400++
315 **   30-34 var
1906, Scenes, 1h-6h, five blocks of four with various compound perforation, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $220++
316  43
1906, View of Sarajevo, two die proofs of unaccepted design, close to the design used for 1k stamp, first one is in black (size 48x70mm) with denomination "5" on thin cardboard, the other one is enlarged format of center only in blue (size 62x80mm), printed on wove paper, no gum as issued, VF and rare, the last one expertized by J. Colic, Mi C.v. ?1,000
317 **   45
1906, Emperor Franz Josef, 5k grayish blue, imperforated block of four, the high value of the set, in addition bottom sheet margin imperforated trial color proof of 5k in orange brown, full OG, NH, VF

Collection of Various Cancellations

1873-1913, 134 stamps, including three pairs and two strips of three, mainly Coat of Arms issue, but includes definitive set of 1906 and some later material, a few perforation varieties noted, such as Sc. #11, perforation 6 1/2; representing different types of postal markings, single or double date stamps, generally fresh and F/VF
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