Lots 1020 - 1027, Catalogue of Auction #64 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1853-57, stampless entire wrapper from St. Petersburg to Wenden, St. Petersburg "1853. 1 Iulia" circular date stamp and two-line "V Vendene Poluchen _Iulia_", in addition postal receipt of Wenden PO, dated May 2, 1857, both are fresh and VF
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1021  L5
1864, two-color essay of Campenhausen (postmaster) reprint in red and green, no value indicated, printed on a piece of thick paper with a part of adjoining essay on the right, fresh, no gum as produced, VF
1022    L10
1890-98, cover to St. Petersburg and stationery postcard to Leipzig, each one bearing mixed franking with 2k black, green and red, first one with some faults, still collectible items, F/VF
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1023 **/*   L12
1901, Wenden Castle, 2k dark green and brown, complete pane of 25, horizontal pair and eight singles, mounted on page from a Collection, representing plate varieties, fresh condition, full OG, NH or LH/hinged, mostly VF
1024  L12
1880-1901, Wenden Castle, 2k dark green and brown, eight cancelled singles and three stamps on a piece, in addition 12 stamps of 2k black, green and red, all with pen-cross cancellations, mainly fresh condition, F/VF
1025  L12b
1901, Wenden Castle, 2k dark green and brown, five imperforated singles in various shades, including one with double impression of frame, full OG (1) or no gum as issued, VF
1026  L12
1901, Wenden Castle, 12 trial color and plate proofs of 2k, including ten perforated and imperforated proofs of frame or center only and two complete design in green and gray or black, all mounted on page from a Collection, nice quality, no gum as produced, VF and scarce assembly
1027 **/*   L1-12

Award Winning Collection (Gold at Singapore World Stamp Exhibition of 2004, Grand Prize at Ameristamp Expo of 2002, etc.)

1862-1903 one-frame exhibit on 16 pages, including tete-beche pairs of No. L1 and L12a (imperforated), unused examples of L2, L3, L3a, L3c, one of only a few known examples of 2k with inverted background (L2a - used (repaired), Hoffmann certificate), inverted center of 2k black, green and red (L11, only 25 stamps were issued), numerous proofs of Wenden Castle issue. There are 17 postal history items, including extremely rare bisect of 4k green (L3b) and 10k brown and blue on cover to Riga (cleaned pen cancellation, expertized by Z. Mikulski), which is priced individually for $5,000-$7,000, 2k used on 10k stationery envelope of 1866, triple rate cover to Wiesbaden of 1896 and many more, as well as additional varieties, multiples, cancellations, many interesting and rare items, some mixed condition noted, nevertheless one of the best Collection ever formed, F/VF
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