Lots 592 - 604, Catalogue of Auction #65 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
592    81/90
1920, National Assembly, set of nine values used on three PPC showing Kaunas views, first day (25.08.20) cancellations, mostly VF
593 **   93a, 94a var
1920-21, Kaunas colored issue, 15sk brown and 20sk blue, imperforated complete set in blocks of six (3x2), first one representing broken "L" variety on the top left stamp, the other one- broken "T" on the middle left one, full OG, NH or previously hinged, VF
594    93a
1920, Kaunas colored issue, 15sk violet, 12 imperforated values, including two singles, two pairs and two strips of three used on philatelic registered cover in Kaunas, fresh condition, VF, C.v. $192 as for stamps off cover
595  119a
1922, Dr. Stulginskis, 8auk dark blue and light blue, error of denomination, full OG, previously hinged, VF, C.v. $175
596  223
1927, National Arms, perforated 10 1/2 essay in dark green with network in buff, full OG, numeral "1" in value tablets, NH, VF, Lithuanian Cat. #E15
597  278 var
1933, "Vytis" Cross, 2c orange, reversed watermark "Multiple Letters", full OG, previously hinged, VF
598 **   451 var
1993, Vytis, black surcharge 100k on 30k magenta, transition sheet of 60 showing surcharge turn clockwise, no gum as produced, NH, VF
599 **   B53-54 var

Semi - Postal issues

1939, European Basketball Championships, 30+15c and 60+40c, two values in horizontal pairs, imperforated vertically, the first one with right sheet margin, full OG, NH, VF and scarce, only 25 (60+40c) or 50 pairs possible
600  C27a, C30a

Air Post stamps

1922, Airplane over Gediminas Castle, three stamps with inverted surcharges, one in addition is strongly shifted to the top, one stamp has slight corner crease, full or large part of OG, F/VF
601  C39c, var
1926, Swallow, 60v blue and black, two values with inverted center, one of which in addition with broken scroll at the bottom left variety, large part of OG, VF, C.v. $500++
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602  Lith #EC36a/h
1926, Swallow, five perforated essays in various colors, including one with 20c denomination and four with value tablet blank, printed on white thick paper without watermark, full or large part of OG, NH (3) or hinged, VF
603  Lith #EC39, e
1930, Gediminas Pillars and Swallows, two perforated essays, one of which with "1" in value tablet, while the other one has value tablet blank, full OG, previously hinged, VF

Beautiful Collection in Old-time Album

1915-41, over 500 mint stamps and three souvenir sheets, starting with "Ob.Ost" Occupation, then second Vilnius and three Kaunas issues, highly complete with just a dozen stamps missing, neatly arranged on album pages, representing several imperforated varieties, nice quality unit, full/large part of OG, mostly VF, C.v. is over $2,300
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