Lots 1169 - 1184, Catalogue of Auction #66 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#

Dedinovo (Ryazan Gub)

1921, violet manuscript surcharge "2" in front of "50" on Control stamp of 50k brown on buff network, appropriate Dedinovo "25.8.21" date stamp, VF and very rare
1170    49-50, 53-54

Far Eastern Republic

1922, registered cover from Chita to Berlin via Moscow, franked on reverse with nine local stamps, all appropriate transit and arrival markings, mostly VF
1171    56
1923, cover from Vladivostok to Latvia, franked by 20k blue and red, tied by Vladivostok "16.10.23" ds, backstamped with Koknese "29.10.23" arrival marking, VF
1172  52/63, 60 var


1920, black upwards overprint "RUB" over Ukrainian (Kharkov and Kiev) tridents, the total is nine stamps, including double Kharkov trident on imperforated 3k red, all are postally used, mostly F/VF, most properly expertized, C.v. $500++
1173    55
1920, money order for 5,000rub from Kharkov to Vologda Gub., franked by seven stamps, including black overprint "RUB" over Kharkov trident on 15k in irregular block of six, all appropriate markings, filing fold away from the stamps and minor soiling, still F/VF
1174  58-60, 58a
1920, black upwards overprint "RUB" over Kharkov trident on 1k-3k, imperforated complete set of three, in addition downwards overprint on 1k orange, full/large part of OG, LH or hinged, VF, two stamps expertized by W. Pohl and Dr. Seichter, C.v. $485
1175    65a-66a
1920, money order for 500rub from Akhtyrka (Kharkov Gub.) to Kazan, franked by four stamps (two vertical pairs) with downwards "RUB" overprint, all appropriate markings, archival holes, otherwise VF
1176    71
1921, registered parcel card from Ryabushki (Kharkov Gub) to Kronstadt, franked by 14 stamps, including 20k with black upwards overprint "RUB" in horizontal strip of five, all appropriate markings, filing fold, still VF
1177  72-76
1920, black upwards "RUB" overprint on 1k-15k, imperforated complete set of five, all are postally used, mostly VF, C.v. $265
1178 **  Mi 1a


1922, violet diagonal surcharge 100,000r on 100r orange, horizontal pair, minor surcharge ink on reverse, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. ?800++
1179  71

Priamur Government issue

1921, black surcharge 20k on 3.50r maroon and green, imperforated single, a part of Nikolayevsk cancellation, VF, Romeko guarantee hs, C.v. $350
1180 **/*   1-10, a-d

Collection on Pages

1919, 33 mint stamps, including horizontal pair with error "3" instead of "35" and gutter block of four, representing 17 surcharge varieties altogether (ten stamps with A. Cronin certificates), nice quality material, full OG, NH or LH/hinged, F/VF, C.v. is almost $2,000
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1181 Mi 1 A, B


1918, black surcharge 60(k) on 1k orange, one perforated and four imperforated stamps, including vertical pair, representing all different types of surcharge, cancelled on pieces, fresh condition, VF, C.v. ?680
1182    51

South Russia
Crimea issue

1920, black surcharge 35kop on 1k orange, side margin horizontal imperforated strip of five, used on reverse of cover from Simferopol to Yevpatoria, arrival ds on front, mostly VF
1183 **/*   1-71

Collection on Pages in Large Brown Binder

1918-20, Novocherkassk, Yekaterinodar, Crimea and Denikin issues, nicely housed on exhibition style pages, including 52 different variety of surcharges, complete sheets of No.39 and 51, Denikin issue presented by stamps in large blocks, 5k altogether 347 stamps, 10k - 355 stamps, 15k - 626 stamps, 35k - 564 stamps, 70k - 320 stamps and 1r-3r - 100 stamps per denomination, occasional marginal defects, generally nice condition, full/large part of OG or no gum as issued, F/VF, all valuable stamps with A. Cronin certificates, C.v. is about $6,500
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1184 */U   

Clean Assemblage of Local issues

1918-22, 38 mint and used stamps, representing material of ten different districts, most powerful in Kustanai, Petrovsk and Rogachev, neatly described on stockpages, fresh quality overall, full/large part of OG or used, F/VF, Mi C.v. is over ?1,800
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