Lots 499 - 511, Catalogue of Auction #67 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
499  1
1860, 10k blue and dark rose, nice stamp in every respect, original brownish gum, previously hinged, VF, expertized by M. Bojanowicz, C.v. $2,400
500  1218 var
1964, Siamese Cat, 50g multicolored, light blue color (cat's eyes) is strongly shifted to the bottom, CTO with full OG, VF, this variety is known only in used condition
501 SB   308/17

Stamp Booklet

1938, President Moscicki, Marshal Smigly-Rydz and Views, unexploded 2.20zl. booklet, type 3, contains four panes of four stamps, separated by interleaves with pre-printed advertisement, fresh, VF, Fischer #5c
502  2/23

Russian stamps used in the Kingdom of Poland

1858-66, eight values, five of which, including No.2, representing various Warsaw markings, as well as Ekspedicia, Tykocin ("44") and Strykow ("213"), minor corner flaws, still fine collectible quality
503   Mi U16C
1873, Imperial stationery envelope 10k brown, indicia at the top right, size 145x81mm, sent from Warsaw to Austria, uprated by 1k and 3k on horizontally laid paper, tied by Warsaw Ekspedicia ds, appropriate transit and arrival markings, VF
504    20
1881, Imperial pre-printing form for stationery postcard from Warsaw to Stuttgart, franked by 3k black and green, Z. Kempinski's Apparel advertisement on reverse, postmarked on arrival, VF
505   Mi P8 F
1886, Imperial stationery postcard 3k red, sent from Terespol to Warsaw, delivered by TPO No.30 (unlisted in Kiryushkin and Robinson), postmarked on arrival, VF
1881-86, two Imperial stationery postcards, posted at Ivangorod and Lukov, both are stations of branch line of Privislanskaya Railroad, addressed to Lublin and Berlin, appropriate markings, reversal paper adhesion or vertical fold respectively, otherwise F/VF
507    60
1906, registered local cover from Biela (Siedlce Gub) to Lomazy, franked on reverse by 10k dark blue on vertically laid paper, tied by Biela date stamp with inverted date, fresh, VF and scarce
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508 **   Fischer Bl. #5 var


1945, Red Cross, perforated and imperforated souvenir sheets of six, printed on paper without watermark, top left stamp of 25pf green is placed upside down on each sheet, no gum as issued, NH, VF
509 **   Fischer Bl. 3, 5 var
1945, Red Cross, 3mk, souvenir sheet of one, group of seven perforated or imperforated souvenir sheets, printed on watermarked or unwatermarked paper, and two trial color proofs of 25pf in blue and in bright bluish green, no gum as issued, mainly NH, VF
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510 **   Fischer Bl.1-3

Polish Post in Italy

1946, Anthem and Legionaries, complete set of three souvenir sheets of one, 1+99L black, 3+247L blue and 5+195L brownish rose, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. PLN900=US$250, Sassone Blocks 2-4, ?550
511 ** L  

Local and Non-Postal Issues of the World War II Period

1939-46, Post in Italy, Great Britain and Germany, including better souvenir sheets and postal history items, Red Cross material, representing miniature sheets"Saveour Children" and three complete sheets of 50, various non-postal and camp related items, minor flaws possible, nice condition overall, F/VF
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