Lots 1154 - 1158, Catalogue of Auction #68 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1154 */U   66/75 var


1920, 19 mint or used stamps with upwards, downwards and horizontal "RUB" overprint, including three singles, three pairs, two strips of three and block of four showing double, triple or shift of overprints, nice quality overall, mostly VF
1155 */U   

Ukrainian Gubernia Locals

1920, 28 mostly mint stamps (four - used), representing issues of Kharkov, Kiev, Sviatoshino and Tulchin, neatly arranged on a stockpage, mainly fresh condition, F/VF, all stamps are properly expertized, C.v. is over $1,000 for Kharkov and Kiev material, others are not listed in Scott
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1156 **   20a/36d

South Russia
Yekaterinodar issue

1918-20, 11 mint stamps in singles, pairs and block of four, including ten inverted surcharges, one double and three shifts, No.36b has gum crease, others are in flawless condition, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $545++
1157  46, 47-49, var
1919, two imperforated singles of 70k/1k orange, one with double surcharge (one inverted), in addition four Saving stamps with surcharge of 10r, including complete set and stamp of 1k with strongly misplaced surcharge, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF, properly expertized, C.v. $371++
1158  61-71, 69a

Denikin issue
Cancellation Study

1919-20, 46 stamps, singles, pairs and strips, representing various cancellations such as Yekaterinodar and Rostov, as well as Aleksandrovskoye, Grozny, Piatigorsk, Sevastopol, Tuapse and etc., minor usual flaws possible, generally nice and rarely offered material, F/VF
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