Lots 405 - 410, Catalogue of Auction #69 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
405 **   16 var
1922, Soviet issue, 2r olive black, bottom right corner margin block of eight (4x2), two bottom stamps are partly unprinted due to foldover, in addition offset of the design on reverse, no gum as produced, NH, VF
406 **   16 var
1922-23, Soviet issue, 2r olive black, left sheet margin block of six with full offset on reverse, in addition two stamps with provisional overprints, no gum as produced, NH, VF
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407 */U   32-51, var

Metal Surcharges on the Soviet Issue
Study Group

1922-23, 55 mint or used (39) stamps, representing surcharges of the first revaluation with two types of numbering machine, the second and the third(Transcaucasian) revaluations, numerous surcharge varieties, such as inverted, doubled, placed sideways or diagonally, slightly mixed condition as always, collectible quality overall, F/VF, C.v. is over $2,200
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408 */U   68, 70, 72a
1922, violet or black rubber surcharges 200,000r/25r, 500,000r/2000r and 1,500,000r/5000r, last two postally used, F/VF, first stamp with Romeko guarantee hs, C.v. $272.50


1919-24, 25 items, representing various postal marking on pieces, including three with Transcaucasian stamps, mainly Baku, but several rare cancellations presented, such as Bely Gorod, Jebrail, Quba and etc., minor usual flaws, still F/VF and interesting study
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410  L  

Non-Postal stamps - Charity Labels

1914-23, Baku Children Hospital, set of four, Soviet Child Welfare 50r brown, tied on a piece together with Transcaucasian stamp and tied by Baku ds, as well as Georgian "For War Invalids" is on a piece, fresh quality, mainly VF