Lots 600 - 605, Catalogue of Auction #69 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
600 **   11, var
1891, Prince Albert I, 1c olive green, horizontal gutter pair without the number, in addition right stamp has no nose of "1" variety, full OG, NH, VF, Dallay #11, c, ?1,100 as for gutter pair w/o variety
601 **   27b
1891-94, Prince Albert I, 5fr rose on green colored paper, perforation 11, top sheet margin single, full OG, nice and fresh condition, full OG, NH, VF, expertized by R. Calves, C.v. $2,000 as hinged, Dallay #21A, ?2,500
602 ** P  596 var
1964, President John Kennedy, 50c bright blue and indigo, vertical imperforated pair, specially issued perforated and imperforated souvenir sheets of one, as well as imperforated epreuve de luxe sheet, the last one has no gum as produced, others with full OG, NH, VF, Dallay BS8, ?1,300
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603 **   B94 var

Semi - Postal issues

1947, 25th Anniversary of the Reign of Prince Louis II, 200fr+300fr brown and red, imperforated souvenir of one, printed on bluish paper, full OG, NH, VF, Yvert Bloc 2A, ?1,435
604  C41-44

Air Post stamps

1955, Sea Birds, 100fr-1000fr, imperforated trail color proofs, four for each denomination in different colors, the total is 16 proofs, full OG, NH, VF
605 **  Yv 1

Telephone stamp

1886, Prince Albert I, 50c brown, printed on yellow thick paper, perforation 13 1/2, no gum as produced, NH, VF, C.v. ?575