Lots 1118 - 1137, Catalogue of Auction #70 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1118  D  Barefoot #4, var

General Revenue and Fiscal Stamps

1889, two official magistrates court documents, each one bearing partly imperforated typesetting stamp with endorsed value, folded, one with some ageing, still F/VF and scarce
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1119  D  Barefoot #25/29

Group of Official Documents

1923-25, 12 items, written in Russian or Armenian, 11 of those bearing from one to eight Soviet fiscal stamps, in addition one with Imperial revenue stamp, usual folds, stamps are not affected, generally nice and interesting unit for a specialist, VF
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1120  D  Barefoot #2

St. Petersburg Residence Permit

1910, entire residence certificate with boxed pre-printed stamp of 2k in red, black text on green paper, stamp of 7.15r (Barefoot #15) is affixed and cancelled on reverse, slight fold did not detract, VF and scarce

Clean Collection of Various Fiscal stamps

1850's-1930's, over 170 various stamps, labels and cutoffs of revenue papers, including 138 fiscal and 32 charity stamps, one revenue of Mongolia and two from Bulgaria, occasional flaws possible, generally nice condition, F/VF, Barefoot C.v. ?600 for revenues only
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Municipal Tax stamps and Provisional issues

1880-1926, 47 items, including ten stamps on five different documents, representing receipts of various taxes and fees, such as passage tickets, medicine taxes, residence permit, commercial licenses and etc., issued by Kharkov, Kislovodsk, Kronstadt, Mogilev, Tomsk, Vladivostok and etc., minor flaws possible, generally useful and interesting unit, F/VF
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1123  D  200, 203, 206

RSFSR postage stamps used on Fiscal documents

1921-22, two documents of different co-operative enterprises, first document bearing 6 postage stamps, including 22,500r violet in block of five, the other one - 20stamps, all are pen cancelled, usual folds did not affect the stamps, VF
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Kharkov Social Security stamps

1929-30, 1k-3.50krb and 1k-5.50krb, 11 imperforated and 11 perforated stamps, white text on colored paper, fresh collectible quality unit, full/large part of OG or no gum as produced, VF
1125  Barefoot #1/13

Theater Tax Stamps

1892-1918, 25 stamps, representing four Imperial and one Ukrainian issue of 1918, fresh condition overall, full/part of OG or no gum, mostly VF and scarce assembly
1126  Barefoot #1-5

Charity Stamps and Cinderella Labels
Rail Road Tax and Charity stamps

1908, Nikolayev Rail Road, 1k-10k, complete set of five and stamp of 5k with misplaced perforation, fresh, full/large part of OG, VF
1127  Barefoot #2 var, 5a
1908, Nikolayev Rail Road, 2k black and lilac, 10k black and orange, two horizontal imperforated pairs, full OG, NH, VF
1918, Ussuri Rail Road, 1k black and yellow, 20k black and green, 50k black and blue, three cancelled values, small faults, F/VF appearance of very scarce stamps
1129  Barefoot #3-7
1923, Ussuri Rail Road, Locomotive, 1k-10k, complete set of five, stamp of 3k is creased, fresh quality otherwise, full OG, mostly NH, VF
1932, Ryazan-Uralsk Rail Road, Commission Fee, 5k-35k, seven imperforated and one perforated stamps, fresh quality, no gum as produced, VF
1932, Southern Rail Road, Charity stamp "Helping to Homeless on Rail Road" 20k black and green, red text is on reverse, tiny thin from hinge removal, VF, Nedayvodin #595 var

Air Post Charity stamps
All-Union O.D.V.F. Assemblage

1924, 20 mostly different labels, 18 of them are representing 7th, 8th and 9th Soviet issues and 2 are Moscow Society stamps, one stamp with inverted text on the back, fresh condition overall, F/VF
1924, 8th All-Union issue, 1r multicolored, two stamps, one with reversal text placed upside down, fresh, VF, Nedayvodin #241, I
1924, 9th All-Union issue, 2k, 5k and 10k, two sets of three stamps, one of which in colors of previous issue, one stamp of each set with reversal text placed upside down, minor flaws, mostly fresh and F/VF
1933, Airplane "Maxim Gorki" Fund, 10k carmine, text is on reverse, block of four, minimal toning, no gum, VF appearance

Selection of Local Air Post Charity labels

1924-33, 15 different stamps, representing O.D.V.F. issues of Kharkov, Kremenchug, Leningrad, Odessa, Pskov, Tashkent, and etc., one bogus item, fresh quality, mostly VF
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War Invalids and Homeless Children Charity Labels

1914-28, 35 stamps, representing all-Russian or local issues, such as Uman stamps "For Families of Wounded Soldiers" or Georgian charity labels "Help for Homeless Kids", fresh quality overall, F/VF
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