Lots 1170 - 1184, Catalogue of Auction #70 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1170 */U  Mi 1/6


1920, black handstamp "G. M." on Imperial stamps of 35k-10r, four different unused and two used stamps of 1r with fiscal cancellations, mostly fresh and F/VF
1171    14, 40

Far Eastern Republic

1921, two Far Eastern Republic stamps, including black overprint "DVR" on 25k green and violet (rounded corner), used on back side of registered cover from Vladivostok to USA, philatelic exchange label is alongside, mostly VF
1172    39
1921, Chita issue 4k red, used on Japanese postcard from Vladivostok to Rakvere, postmarked on arrival, VF
1173    39
1921, Japanese color PPC, sent from Vladivostok to Wesenberg (Rakvere), franked by Chita stamp of 4k red, arrival ds, VF
1174 Mi 52A

Air Post stamps

1923, red Airplane surcharge 20k on 20k blue and red, full OG, VLH (appears NH), VF, C.v. ?1,200 as hinged
1175 */U   

Collection on Pages

1920-23, 74 mint or used stamps, including nice range of Vladivostok issues with two tete-beche blocks, Chita and Blagoveshchensk material, as well as two Philatelic Exchange stamps with genuine surcharges, but expertly regummed, fresh condition overall, full/large part of OG or used, F/VF
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2, 3, 4
1176 */U   51/84, var

Specialized Collection on Pages

1920, 115 mint and used stamps with upwards or downwards (inverted) "RUB" overprints, as well as one money order, detailed description of three existing types of handstamps, 22 different overprint varieties, such as doubles or shifts, also included downward overprint over Kiev trident on imperforated 1k orange (#62a, listed, but not priced in Scott), generally nice quality material, full/part of OG or used, F/VF, ex-Ustinovsky, C.v. $2,000 for listed material
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1177 */U  Mi 1-3, A1

Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus

1922, 21 stamps with black handstamped "Star" overprint on Imperial stamps, 16 perforated and 5 imperforated ones, including two pairs and a single of 2k,one pair and a single are properly used in Vladikavkaz, as well three forged overprints on stamp of 4k, fresh condition overall, full/part of OG or used, F/VF and very scarce group
1178 **   

Terek Oblast
Money stamp

1918, 25k blue, printed on grayish thick paper, text on reverse, Mineralnye Vody city administration issue, fresh, VF
1179    87-88, 110


1922, three stamps with blue overprint "Priam. Zemskiy Krai" (4k is defected), used on Papadopulo's postcard from Vladivostok to USA, minor card wear, still F/VF

POW Camp Mail

1919, free-frank cover from a prisoner of war, mailed from the camp at "Pervaia Rechka" in Vladivostok, addressed to USA, censored by Russian and Japanese authorities, violet boxed marking"Prisoner of War Mail" in French, dater arrival, VF and scarce
1181 */U   1/118

Collection on Pages

1919-22, 55 mostly mint stamps (8 - used), including seven stamps with errors, Priamur Government surcharge and overprints, occasional flaws possible, mainly fresh condition, full/large part of OG or used, F/VF, C.v. $2,200
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1182 **   41a

South Russia
Yekaterinodar issue

1918-20, inverted black surcharge 25r on 3k red, bottom left corner margin imperforated block of four with surcharge offset on reverse, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $400 as hinged singles
1183 **   47 var
1919, black surcharge 10r on Saving stamp of 1k red on buff network, top right corner margin block of four, two top stamps without the surcharge due to foldover(placed on gum side), full OG, NH, VF and rare unrecorded variety
1184 */U   1/71

Collection on Pages

1918-20, 89 mostly mint stamps, representing Rostov, Kuban, Crimea and Denikin Army issues, including altogether 12 errors of surcharges, genuine black surcharge 10r on Saving stamp of 10k in block of four and etc., minor flaws possible, fresh quality, full/large part of OG, F/VF, C.v. $1,800++
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