Lots 300 - 312, Catalogue of Auction #70 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
300  D  

Catalogued by Specializovany Katalog "Zakarpatska Ukrajina" by J. Majer

1939, 16 Czechoslovak definitive and newspaper stamps, cancelled by special Khust marking on two letter-heads of "Nova Svoboda", newspaper of Ukrainian National Rada, unfolded, VF
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301    C23


1944, black overprint "C S P. 1944." on 30f brown orange, cancelled by special Khust marking on pre-printed envelope, VF
302    C37
1944, black overprint "C S P. 1944." on Postage Due stamp of 20f brown carmine, cancelled by special Khust marking on pre-printed envelope, VF
303 **   U39

Second Uzhgorod issue

1945, black surcharge "60" on 2f orange, vertical strip of three, full OG, NH, VF
304 **   U40
1945, black surcharge "60" on 3f ultramarine, vertical strip of five, perfect condition, full OG, NH, VF
305  U45
1945, black surcharge "60" on 6f gray blue, a single and vertical strip of four, full OG, LH, VF
306    1

Soviet issue

1945, Soldier "60" red, perforated single used on envelope pre-printed in Hungarian, sent from Uzhgorod to Andrashovtsi, slight fold on the left, still VF
307    7
1945, Soviet Star "60" red, used on court notice from Stavny to Velyki Berezny, Stavny postmark with endorsed date "2.XI.45", mostly VF

Soviet Union stamps used on correspondences

1946, Military Parade, 30k indigo blue used on official letter from Velyki Berezny to Maly Berezny, tied by Soviet style date stamp, mostly VF
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309 **   

Intact Valuable Collection on Stockpages

1945, about 140 mint stamps, including 85 surcharged values and 55 stamps of Soviet issues, representing St. Stephen, Churches, Portraits and Crowns, Christmas, Kossuth and etc. issues, stamps are not divided for the first and second Uzhgorod, but all are guaranteed genuine, Soviet section includes some scarce imperforated stamps, we mention minimal toning, generally nice quality unit, full OG, mainly NH, VF, C.v. is well over CZK500,000=US$20,500
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Official Mailings Collection

1945, 11 postal history items (mainly court notices), representing various town cancellations, such as Uzhgorod, Antalovce, Bilki, Kostrina, Tacovo, Teresva and etc., fresh condition, VF
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Austrian Pre-Philatelic correspondences on territory of modern Carpatho-Ukraine

1845, entire wrapper addressed to Vasyl Popovych, the bishop of the Ruthenian Catholic Eparchy of Mukacevo, sent from Tetso (Tacovo) to Ungvar (Uzhgorod), red Tetsomarking, wax seal, VF and rare
1856, entire wrapper from Huszt (Khust) to Ungvar (Uzhgorod), addressed to the bishop Vasyl Popovych, written in Cyrillic, all appropriate markings, wax seal, VF