Lots 479 - 480, Catalogue of Auction #70 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
479  101-13
1906, President Barclay, Animals, Flag, Mercury, the Perkins Bacon Co. imperforated plate proofs, complete set of 13, and in addition proof of 2c in slightly different colors, each item is in block of nine, mounted and framed on presentation cards, size 145x145mm, each one is numbered at the bottom, insignificant toning, mostly VF and rare in complete set
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480    C27-36

Air Post stamps and covers

1943, First Flight Liberia - USA, surcharges of new denominations with obliteration of "1941", complete set of ten used on registered flown cover from Monrovia to New York, address is practically faded, all appropriate markings and arrival ds, mostly VF