Lots 657 - 662, Catalogue of Auction #70 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
657    AR1-2

Postal Fiscal stamps

1918, Saving stamps, horizontal strip of five of 1k and three stamps of 5k, used together with Imperial 10k/7k on backside of cover from Kineshma to Moscow, machine arrival marking, mostly VF
658 */U   AR4a, var
1918, Saving stamps, 25k black on rose background, two values with inverted background, one of which in addition with horizontal watermark variety, no gum or postally cancelled, VF
659  AR5a
1918, Saving stamp, 50k brown on pale brown inverted background, complete Viatka postal cancellation, VF, the stamp is listed, but has no price in Scott Cat.
660  AR6, var
1918, Saving stamps, 50k brown on pale brown background, two stamps with vertical and horizontal positions of watermark, both cancelled on a piece, the last one along with two other postal fiscal stamps, fresh, VF and scarce
661 **   AR7-8
1918, Control stamps, 25k and 50k, two vertical gutter blocks of four, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $330 as singles
662 */U   AR7-14, 15-25
1918, Control stamps and General Revenue stamps, two complete sets of 8 and 11 with extra imperforated 1r, four postally used stamps and tete-beche pair of 5k, the total is 26 stamps, fresh quality, full/part of OG or used, VF