Lots 170 - 172, Catalogue of Auction #71 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
170    1

Catalogued by Specializovany Katalog "Zakarpatska Ukrajina" by J. Majer

Carpatho - Ukraine

1945, court notice from Seredne to Uzhgorod, franked by 1st Soviet issue "60" red, tied by Seredne violet marking, VF
171    4, 5
1945, three official notices, first one sent from Selce to Irshava (Star "10" franking), manuscript cancellation, second one - from Veliky Berezny to Zabrid (pair of Star "20"), the last one - from Irshava to Dubrivka(Soviet stamp Sc. #736), nice quality, VF
172    Ud4, Ud21 var
1945, three stationery postcards, two with black surcharge "40" on 18f green, and the last one with shifted to the left surcharge "40" on fieldpost card, each one with stamps affixed over (last one on reverse), mostly VF
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