Lots 320 - 323, Catalogue of Auction #71 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
320  300-09
1922, Soviet issue, 50r-10,000r, complete set of ten monochromatic imperforated proofs, favor Yerevan cancellation on individual pieces, fresh condition, VF
321    323
1923, black surcharge 50,000r on Soviet issue stamp of 1000r dull blue and pale blue, used on entire letter addressed to the chancellery "Aid of Armenia" Committee, archival fold, stamp is not affected, VF
322    385
1923, black surcharge 2(k) on 1st Constantinople issue stamp of 500r brown, used on reverse of cover sent from Co-operative Society to Armenian General Executive Committee, Co-op violet seal on reverse, small cover tear on the left did not detract, mostly VF
323  D  Barefoot #40

Fiscal stamps

1923, black surcharge of Soviet Armenia Coat of Arms and 3r on Paris issue stamp of 1r brown, vertical pair used on official document written in Armenian, usual fold, VF