Lots 830 - 832, Catalogue of Auction #71 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
830 **   1649/2074 var

Selection of Perforation Errors

1952-58, Abovian, Fencing, Bach, Lenin, Tolstoy, Gorki and others, 12 different stamps bearing line instead of comb and vice versa perforation varieties, nice quality, full OG, NH,VF, SC #1622A/2070A, C.v. is over $1,250
831 **   1153-58, 1481-87, 1659a

Moscow Subway

1947-52, three complete issues, including sets of six and seven in blocks of four and se-tenant strip of four (original printing, but folded once along perforation), full OG, NH, VF
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Group of Undelivered Postal Correspondences

1931-48, four covers bearing various postal handstamps or hand-written notes, such as "Left in PO Box. Temporary out of town", "For storing, because of unclaimed", "Notin Pochtamt personnel" and etc., in addition Imperial Russian cover sent in Poland from Warsaw to Losice and returned to sender with marking "Secondary" and manuscript "Unclaimed...", minor conveyance flaws, mostly F/VF
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