Lots 1104 - 1107, Catalogue of Auction #72 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1104  L  
1910-13, Odessa Industrial Exposition, two complete sets of promotion labels in Russian and French, as well as three labels of different exhibitions in St. Petersburg and one in Omsk, fresh quality, mostly VF
1105  D  
1920, Protect Patent for Family of Red Army Man Stepan Sorokin, such patent gave various rights and benefits for soldiers fought against Kolchak's White Army, issued by Soviet Military Administration of Western Siberian Region; backside of the paper was repeatedly used by Kamen Uezd Military Commission (Novo-Nikolayevsk Gub) - hand-written military order was issued; nice and unfolded quality with just minor wearing, VF and rare postal history item
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1923-25, Agriculture Exhibition, advertising label in sheet margin block of four, in addition bond for 1r of the Kazan Worker's Co-op, both items are in fresh condition, VF
1926-27, Radio Stamps, 1k-10r, 25r-100r, ten triangle stamps and three rectangular values in colors identical to issued stamps, affixed over two presentation heavy duty cardboards, each one overprinted "Proekt"with dates "25 ianvaria 1926 g." and "11 maia 1927 g." respectively, both with "Approved" manuscripts and official signatures, fresh quality, VF, only a few such sets recorded
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