Lots 124 - 135, Catalogue of Auction #72 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
124  L  

Soviet Propaganda Labels

1920-22, International Day of Youth, two labels printed in Moscow (printing plant of Taganskaya Prison) and in Tashkent, fresh, VF
125  L  
1921-25, International Women's Day, two labels, one of which is printed in black on red fabric, issued in Simferopol, the other one is multicolored in form of badge, printed on cardboard, origin is unknown, fresh quality, VF
126  L  
1924, Labor Day (May 1), large size bilingual label of 10k in red, black and blue, printed on thick woven paper in Simferopol, excellent condition, VF
127  L  
1924, Lenin Mourning labels, both are in red and black, first one - rectangular is printed in Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk), the other one is five-pointed star (one point is thinned), admittedly issued in Moscow, minor soiling, mostly VF
128  L  
1927-28, three poster-stamps publicize Soviet industrialization, printed in Moscow by Publishing Company "BINT", nice condition, VF
129  L  
1927-30, "For Collectivization of Agriculture", set of three multicolored poster-stamps, printed in Sverdlovsk, fresh condition, VF
130  L  
1930, Extensive Collectivization Annihilates Kulaks, poster-stamp in red, printed in Mariupol, mostly VF
131  L  
1929-31, "Religion is Opium for the Public", multicolored poster stamp, perfect quality, VF and scarce
1928-32, Society For the Union of Cities and Rural Areas, membership dues of 20k in red, imperforated block of four, full OG, NH, VF
133  L  
1926-33, Friends of Radio Society, two charity labels issued in Abkhazia and Ukraine, denomination of 30k and 20k respectively; in addition Radio stamp 25r olive green, all are fresh and VF
134  L  
1931-32, "Culture and Consumer Co-op is way for women emancipation", perforated propaganda label in black, dark blue and red, printed on very thick paper, origin is unknown, VF and scarce
135  L  

Charity Issues for International Revolutionaries' Aid Association (MOPR)

1922-30, 14 labels, issued in Moscow, Kiev, Saratov, Sukhum, Sverdlovsk, Tiflis, Vladivostok and etc., one is printed on red fabric, several not identified by place of issue, mainly nice quality unit, VF
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