Lots 1285 - 1328, Catalogue of Auction #72 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1285    8

Catalogued by Comprehensive Catalogue of Ukrainian Philately by John Bulat

1918, cover from volost Belaya (Kursk Gub.) to Peny, franked by 30sh blue and nine money stamps (mostly faulted), postmarked on arrival, horizontal fold at the bottom did not detract, F/VF
1286 **/*   229-43, a, d

Trident Overprints


1918, violet overprint (type 2 Multiple Handstamp) on 1k-70k, 29 horizontal strips of five, representing color shades of basic stamps and overprints, including strip of 70k with black trident, fresh quality, full OG, NH or LH/hinged, mostly VF, C.v. is about $400 as single stamps
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1287    235a
1918, parcel card from Kyiv to Rostov-on-Don, franked altogether by 20 stamps (12 - on reverse), including stamp of 10k with blue instead of violet overprint (type 2), postmarked on arrival, cancellation punches, mostly VF
1288    246 var
1921, complete with counterfoil Ukrainian parcel card from Monastyryshche to Voronezh Gub, franked by violet trident (type 2) on trimmed imperforated stamp of 3k red (5/6 of the value, paid 2.50rub) along with not overprinted 20k blue and red in vertical strip of five, met altogether postal rate of 102.50rub, postmarked on arrival, archival folds, still F/VF and extremely rare franking, not recorded until now
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1289 **/U   294/322

Clean Collection of Types 2b and 2bb

1918, over one hundred mint and used (28) stamps, including pairs, strips and blocks, arranged by Bulat Cat. on stockpages, nice quality material, full OG with many NH stamps, VF, properly expertized, C.v. is $1,200++
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1290 */U   582/99a
1918, Romanov Dynasty, black or red (Ministerial Types A and B) overprints, the total is 25 stamps (8 - used), including valuable stamps, full OG, LH/hinged or used, mostly VF, properly expertized, C.v. $1,525
1291  587 var
1918, double black overprint (Ministerial Type) over black surcharge 10(k) on Romanov Dynasty 7k brown, cancelled on a piece, fresh, VF and unrecorded variety, expertized by J. Bulat
1292 */U   613/40, var
1918, black overprint (type 3 - Svenson Type) on perforated 2k-25k and imperforated 4k-70k, the total is 17 stamps, including three stamps with inverted and one with double overprint on 70k (very rare), full OG or used, VF and properly expertized
1293 **/*   661-81


1918, black overprint (type 1) on 1k-70k, 16 perforated and 5 imperforated horizontal strips of five, fresh condition, full OG, NH or LH/hinged, VF, properly expertized, C.v. $734 without a premium for multiples
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1294 **/*   678 var
1918, black overprint (type 1) on 2k green, imperforated block of four, top stamps without overprint, full OG, NH or LH, VF, expertized by J. Bulat
1295    742, 758
1918, complete with counterfoil parcel card for 1,200rub from Kharkiv to Yenakievo, franked altogether by 20 values (15 - on reverse), including two imperforated pairs of 10r bearing black overprints of type 2 and type 3respectively, arrival ds on reverse, some separation between card and counterfoil, still F/VF and very scarce, C.v. $530 for stamps off cover
1296    856


1918, parcel card from Synelnykove to Sinyavskoye (Oblast Voiska Donskogo), franked by three stamps, including black overprint (type 2) on 7r in horizontal pair, arrival ds on reverse, stamp punches and archival fold, mostly F/VF, C.v. $303 as for stamps off cover
1297 **   943, var


1918, violet overprint (type 1) on 2k green, left sheet margin vertical gutter pair, top stamp with inverted overprint, full OG, NH (LH on margin), VF, ex-Dr. Seichter
1298    943-44, 946
1919, registered cover from Khorol to Moscow, franked by 15 stamps on reverse, including 2k in pair, 3k - two singles and 5k with violet overprint (type 1), in addition two stamps of Shahiv issue and eight Postal Saving values, postmarked on arrival, mostly VF, ex-Dr. Seichter
1299  982/99
1918, black overprint (type 1) on 2k-7r, complete sets of 17 (less 14k), all are postally used, fresh quality, F/VF, properly expertized, C.v. $1,419
1300 **/*   1059-73 a-h

Selection of Type 1 Overprint Varieties

1918, 82 mint stamps with various overprint errors - shifts, inverted, double, printed on both sides and etc., singles, pairs, strips and blocks, neatly arranged on a stockpage, fresh condition, full OG with many NH stamps, VF, ex-Dr. Zelonka
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1301  1080/95, 1091a
1918, black overprint (reprints) on 14 perforated or imperforated stamps, including two stamps with inverted overprint (2k and 3k), full/large part of OG, mostly VF, properly expertized, C.v. $350
1302 **/*   1207-19
1918, black overprint (type 5a) on imperforated 1k-10r stamps, complete set of 17, nice quality, full OG, NH (all the "key" stamps) or LH, VF, properly expertized, VF, C.v. $798 (w/o stamp of 35k, which has no price in the Cat.)
1303  1260/77
1918, black overprint (type 5c) on perforated and imperforated stamps, the total is 13 values, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF, properly expertized, C.v. $472
1304  1384/776


1918, seven items (large parts of parcel cards, stationery cards and covers), representing altogether 35 stamps bearing black overprints of types 1-10c, including No.1521, 1534, 1776 (expertized by J. Bulat), nice condition overall, mostly VF, C.v. $2,372
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1305  1472
1918, black overprint (type 3a) on 2k green, horizontal strip of five, cancelled by Stalineshty (now Styrcheny), town in Moldavia, in which Ukrainian stamps were used within September-October of 1918 only, VF and very rare multiple
1306  1855, 2142
1918, black overprint on 3k red, bottom right corner sheet margin imperforated block of ten (2x5), top six stamps with overprint type 16aa, while bottom block of four - type 11bb, favor cancellation of Mikhalpol "2.10.18",full original gum with minor usual waves, mostly VF, philatelic, but interesting item for a specialist, C.v. $1,500
1307  210 var

Local Trident Overprints

Zhytomyr Type 1 (Sub-type 1a)

1918, inverted violet overprint on 1r dark brown, pale brown and orange, imperforated single, postally used, repaired punch, fresh, F/VF, expertized by A. Popov
1308    220

Chernihiv Type 1

1918, black overprint on 70k brown and orange, used on cover from Zlynka to Novosybkiv, backstamped, VF, expertized by J. Bulat, ex-Dr. Seichter
1309 **/*   212/26

The Dr. Seichter Study of Chernihiv Type 1 Multiple Handstamp

1918, 297 mostly mint (19 - used) stamps in singles, pairs and multiples, representing three different handstamp formats (A, B, C), each format showing ten distinct overprint of sub-types (a-g) on stamps of various denominations, beautiful quality material, full OG or used, many NH stamps, VF and definitely unique assemblage, C.v. $4,000 as single stamps
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1310  2346

Chernihiv Type 2

1918, black overprint on 3.50r maroon and green, imperforated single, properly cancelled, VF, expertized by Dr. Seichter, stamp is listed, but has no price in Bulat Cat.
1311 **   2367


1918, red overprint over black surcharge 10k on 7k light blue, complete setting of 25 different overprints, full OG, NH, VF, and rare multiple, only 150 stamps were overprinted, each stamp expertized by J. Bulat, C.v. $750 as singles
1312  2392

Kyiv Type H

1918, violet overprint on 35k brown lilac and green, horizontal pair, full OG, LH, VF and the only known pair of five recorded examples
1313  2425


1918, violet overprint on 50k brown violet and green, imperforated single, postally used with a punch, F/VF appearance, admittedly the only known example, expertized by A. Popov
1314    2496


1919, telegraphic money transfer for 200r addressed to Kyiv, franked by seven imperforated stamps of 1r (pair is on reverse), second stamp from the bottom with double overprint, postal punches and archival tear (repaired), VF appearance and very scarce, ex-Terlecky
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1315  2534

Maryna Horka

1918, violet overprint on 3.50r maroon and green, complete ds (date is unreadable), paper adhesion on reverse and repaired cancellation punch, otherwise VF and extremely rare, only pair of this stamp had been mentioned in the Bulat Cat., this stamp is a new discovery
1316  2542


1918, violet overprint over black surcharge 10k on 7k light blue, clearly cancelled on a piece, mostly VF and unique stamp
1317 **   

Vienna issue

1920, imperforated singles of 10gr and 20gr, imperforated blocks of four of 80gr, 100gr and 200gr, the last ones with strongly shifted centers, printed on paper with white back, fresh quality, no gum as issued, NH, VF
1318  1b-4b

Semi - Postal issue

1923, Famine Relief, 10+10krb - 150+50krb, complete set in blocks of four, each block overprinted "Zrazok" and bearing one or three plate varieties of basic stamps, full OG, NH, VF
1319  1a-4a
1923, Famine Relief, 10+10krb - 150+150krb, complete set of four, printed on watermarked "crosses and circles" paper, full OG, previously hinged, VF

Outstanding Postal History Collection in Sleeves

1918-21, 39 complete items and two large pieces, representing overprints of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Katerinoslav, Odessa, Podillia and locals of Chernihiv, Homel, Ovruch, Zdolbunyv, as well as Mariupil and etc., highlights included Ukrainian parcel card and a piece bearing local perforation on 4k (Kyiv), station Kirnasovskaya cancellation on pre-printed cover (Podillia), Zdolbunyv inverted overprints on money order and many more, minor conveyance flaws should be expected, generally fresh and collectible condition unit, includes a lot of valuable items, F/VF or better
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1321 */U   

Assemblage of Various Back of the Book Material

1918-20, several hundred mint and used stamps on original pages, starting with at least three perforated and one imperforated complete sets, with group of perforation varieties, then three Field Post stamps, Western Ukraine issues, nice range of Russian Imperial stamps used in Ukrainian Gubernias, page with Polish Corps stamps, Mariupil issue, as well as some dubious sets and singles, minor flaws should be expected, generally nice holding, F/VF
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Postal Stationery Cards Collection

1918-19, 15 different postcards, including two for Kyiv, seven for Katerinoslav and six for Odessa, bearing boxed violet or black surcharge 10k on 5k brown, including two different Odessa cards with violet surcharge (PC154), nice variety of postal markings and destinations, minor conveyance flaws mentioned, mostly VF, ex-Ustinovsky
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2, 3, 4
1323 */U   

Remainder of the Collection

1918-19, over 250 mint or used stamps and nine complete sheets, representing Shahiv issue (postage and money stamps) and trident overprints (mainly common material in multiples), some valuable items - shahiv stamps on thick paper, two double impressions and stamp printed on pasted paper, some usual flaws, mainly F/VF, ex-Ustinovsky
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
1324 */U   

Balance of a Consignment

1918-20, 129 mint or used stamps, arranged by districts and types on two stockcards, including some better items, such as Kharkiv (type 3) on imperforated 10r (No.758), Odessa (type4)over 3.50r on vertically laid paper (No.1147), type 5a on 10r (No.1206), five stamps with Nova Pryluka tridents, as well as Soviet Kharkiv locals of 1920, generally nice quality unit, full/part of OG or used, F/VF
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1325    3d

Ukrainian Stationery Cards used in Soviet Period

1918, three separated reply postcards, two are message parts and one - reply part, sent from Crimea to Kharkiv (2) or Leningrad in 1925, franked by Soviet regular stamps of3k brown red, all appropriate markings, mostly VF
1326  D  

Fiscal and Official Documents

1918, insurance certificate written in Russian, bearing a pair of Russian revenue of 50k overprinted "Ukr. Nar. Res.", horizontal fold did not detract, VF
1327  D  
1919, two purchase and sale agreements, first one bearing Ukrainian revenue of 50sh green on yellow network in block of eight, the other one - a single of 5krb red on yellow, usual folds, did not affect the stamps, VF
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1328  1/27

Rimini Displaced Persons Camp issues

1946-47, large size se-tenant souvenir sheet in green and 19 stamps, including singles and se-tenant pairs or strips, fresh condition overall, no gum as produced, VF, some with Ukrainian Society seal on reverse
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