Lots 1329 - 1334, Catalogue of Auction #72 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1329    4
1856, entire letter from Lemberg (now L'viv) to Radzivilov (now Radyvyliv), franked by Austrian 6kr brown, two-line boxed arrival marking, usual folds did not detract, VF
1914, postcard from Chernivtsi to Vienna, franked by Austrian 5h green and charity stamp "Native School" of 2sot red brown, written in Ukrainian, machine Chernivtsi cancellation, VF
1331 */U   

Beautiful and Valuable Collection in a Brown Stockbook

1918-23, 286 mostly mint stamps and two covers, starting with L?viv issue (3h violet with inverted overprint), six registration stamps (50sot all four types, pair with repaired tear), then complete 1st Stanislaviv issue, surcharges on Bosnia and Herzegovina due stamps (2nd Stanislaviv), nice range of the 4th Stanislaviv set with 1sh, 10sh, 15sh, 30sh, 40sh as well as inverted surcharge on 2k, 7th set presented by 34 values, including 4gr on 4k (only 60 printed), continues with both Vienna issues, C.M.T. surcharges; in addition Ukrainian semi-postals, unissued Vienna set, some bogus material, minimal flaws might be found, nice quality overall, full/large part of OG or used, F/VF or better, many expertized, including nine Z. Mikulski certificates, in fact basic of this holding is ex-Mikulski Collection, Bulat C.v. is $21,300
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1332  Scott #C1-3, C2b

Air Post stamps and covers

1918, L'viv-Vienna Flight, Austrian air post complete set of three, in addition surcharge 2.50k on 3k ocher, perforation 11 1/2, all are printed on grayish paper, cancelled Lwow, three are on individual pieces, mostly VF, C.v. $1,160
1333    Scott #C1-3

Pioneer Flight

April 3, 1918, "L'viv-Vienna" set of two flown covers, franked by three or two stamps respectively, including complete Austrian air post set of three, tied by Lwow ds, Flugpost Wien arrival marking, mostly VF
1334  B  

Postcard Booklets

1919-20, three unexploded booklets with covers in blue, red or orange, each one is containing 10 PPC in sepia, showing everyday life of Ukrainian Brigade at Nemetski Yablonny (early Ukrainian DP Camp at Czechoslovakia), VF and scarce group
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