Lots 162 - 169, Catalogue of Auction #72 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
162  L  

Struggle Against Illiteracy

1917, charity label " For Public Education", printed in black on gray paper, issued in Kazan, the other one is advertising for Club of Enlighteners (small soiling at the top left), fresh quality overall, F/VF
163  L  
1924-25, Week of Education for National Minorities, Portrait of Lenin in mourning frame, admittedly printed in Yerevan, mostly VF
164  L  
1924-25, "I gave a primer to illiterate person", two large size labels in red and black, printed in Novosibirsk, fresh and VF
165  L  
1924-27, "Literate, Teach Illiterate", trilingual charity label of 10k in black on yellow gray paper, printed in Sukhum, perfect condition, VF and scarce
166  L  
1924-27, "Off Illiteracy", bilingual propaganda label in black on gray blue paper, issued in Simferopol, flawless quality, VF and rare, only 500 examples were produced
167  L  
1927-30, "Strengthen Union with Rural Districts, increase their culture level", large size charity label 10k red and black, nice condition, VF
168  L  
1928-32, "For Student Community of the Republic", two sets of charity labels, 5k-50k and 3k-25k, the total is eight values, mainly VF
169  L  

Small Collection

1924-31, 10 different labels of Struggle Against Illiteracy, representing issues of Odessa, Perm, Vitebsk Yaroslavl, Yekaterinoslav and etc., some scarce items, diamond-shaped label thinned, others are in nice condition, generally VF