Lots 638 - 645, Catalogue of Auction #72 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
638  24-25, 15

Russian Offices in the Turkish Empire

1884-90, Numerals issue, imperforated 2k green in horizontal pair, 5k lilac - imperforated single, both with a part of red overprint "Obrazets", in addition imperforated 10k pale red and green with perfin initials, all are printed on horizontally laid paper, full OG, NH or VLH, VF and scarce group of stamps had never been issued imperforated
639  21 var

The only known unissued 3 kop stamp

1884, Numerals issue, 3k rose carmine on rose network, imperforated single printed on horizontally laid paper, balanced margins, perfect and flawless condition, no gum as produced, VF. This stamp is incorrectly listed in Chuchin Cat. under issue of 1869, and correctly - under 1884 in Prigara Monograph issued in 1981. According to Mr. Ustinovsky and other specialists the stamp was prepared for Russian Offices in Levant postcard rate (it has UPU legitimate carmine shade for Russian 3k stamp), but not officially issued because of rate changed to 4k (International postcard rate); all drawing presumably had been destroyed, except just handful remainder. Until now this stamp was not offered for a public, bought from V. Luchnik in the end of 1950's
640  27, 32/37
1900-04, blue surcharge 4pa on 1k orange, two imperforated singles of different shades on horizontally laid paper and imperforated singles of 20pa/4k, 5pi/50k, 7pi/70k and 10pi/1r on vertically laid paper, each one with perfin initials, full OG, VLH, VF and scarce group
641  36
1903, 70k brown and orange, imperforated single on vertically laid paper with a part of red "Obrazets" overprint, surcharged over with 7pi in dark blue, full OG, VLH, VF
642  40-45
1909, 50th Anniversary of the R.O.P. iT., 5pa/1k-7pi/70k, three horizontal imperforated pairs and three imperforated singles, each item with a part of perfin "Obrazets", full OG, VLH, VF and scarce items from the Postal Archive, these stamps had never been issued imperforated
643  202-03, 212, 230
1910-13, imperforated horizontal pair of 10pa on 2k and imperforated singles of 20pa/3k, 3.50pi/35k and 50pi/5r, each item with perfin initials "Obrazets", full OG, VLH, VF
644 */U   

Collection of Russian Offices in Levant

1863-1913, 364 mint or used stamps, 8 complete sheets of later surcharges and 11 postal history items, among better mint No.1 on thin paper (small thin), proof of No.4, nice range of numeral issues, two stamps with provisional surcharges, several nice errors of City overprints, two complete sets of Romanov Dynasty plus one reprint, some better cancellations and etc., condition is a little mixed as usual, generally nice and useful holding, F/VF
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645 */U   

Russian Offices in Levant
Odessa R.O.P.iT. issues

1918-19, various surcharges on Imperial stamps and original Levant emblem issues, the total is 223 mostly mint stamps in singles, pairs and strips, representing numerous varieties, including tete-beche pair of 20pi and inverted center of 7pi, nice quality unit, which might be interesting for a prominent collector, VF
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