Lots 73 - 85, Catalogue of Auction #72 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
73  L  

Enterprise, Banking and Advertising Labels of Imperial Russia

1896-1900, Russo-Chinese Bank, two round-shaped embossed stickers in orange and yellow (Qulja Branch); black and dark red (Novo-Nikolayevsk Branch), nice quality, VF
74  L  
1900's, The Friedrich Speidel Chain Company at Pforzheim, set of six multicolored advertising perforated labels, three of which with minor faults, fresh quality overall, F/VF
75  L  
1900's, Starice-Tomaszow Rug Factory, set of three perforated labels, fresh quality, mostly VF
76  L  
1905-10, Russian Association "General Electricity Company", set of three labels, and "Philips Lighting", set of four labels, nice quality, VF
77  L  
1900-10's, Medicine and Hygiene Productions, four different perforated (3) or imperforated labels, mostly fresh and VF
78  L  
1910's, Address label of A. V. Kozlovski Book Store in Novocherkassk, black and red on laid paper, violet ink spots on reverse, still fresh and VF
79  L  
1900-10's, Tobacco Advertising of Poltava, St. Petersburg and Tiflis factories, four labels, nice quality, VF
80  L  
1900-10's, Confectionery Advertising of Moscow, Riga and St. Petersburg factories, five different labels, two with small faults, collectible quality, F/VF
81  L  

Selection of Different Exhibition Labels

1896, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Kiev, Nizhny-Novgorod, Novocherkassk, Barcelona, Leipzig, ten items, mainly fresh quality, F/VF
82  L  

Group of Various Advertising Labels

1900-10's, 14 different pieces, representing agriculture machineries, milk separators, glassware, rotary pumps, solderers, shoes, children's toys and etc., in addition four mailing stickers, minor occasional flaws possible, nice and fresh unit overall, mostly VF
83  L  

Fee Stamps of Private Companies

1906-10, Sewing Machine "Singer", three excise stamps, including one of Persian branch (rounded bottom left corner), minor flaws, mostly VF and rare
84  L  
1910-13, Book Trade Partnership "Culture", set of two stamps of 2r and 3r, as well as receipt bearing two stamps of 3r, one stamp with some faults, collectible quality overall, F/VF
85  L  
1915-16, Control stamps of Petrograd Joint-Stock Publishing Company "Muravei" (Ant), 25k, 50k and 3r pale red, set of three labels printed on reverse of a poster, no gum as produced, fresh, VF