Lots 296 - 300, Catalogue of Auction #73 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
296 */U   1-18, var

The Vadim Ustinovsky Collection
National and Queen Thamar issues

1919-21, about 300 mint and used stamps, starting with Imperial stamps used on territory of Georgian Gubernias, then Coat of Arms issue, including eight proofs, continues with Queen Thamar issue, National Guard and De Jure sets, several blocks with "sleeping Thamar" and "inverted text" varieties, as well as some Georgian Levant stamps and etc., vast majority is in nice condition, full OG/no gum as issued or used, VF
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297 */U   26-30

Soviet issue

1922, Soldier, Peasant, Industry and Agriculture, 21 mostly used perforated stamps, eight mint imperforated stamps, cover locally sent in Batum, franked by complete imperforated set of five, in addition 16imperforated trial color proofs, nice quality, mostly VF
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298 **/*   51, a

Surcharges on National and Soviet issues

1923, blue surcharge 75,000r on 1k orange, horizontal imperforated pair, right stamp with second line of surcharge shifted to the left, full OG, NH or LH, VF
299 */U   36/55, B1-4

Surcharges Collection and Group of Semi-Postal issues

1922-23, approximately 180 mint and used stamps, including black typographic, black and violet handstamped surcharges on Georgian and Imperial stamps, numerous surcharge varieties, nice range of cancellations; in addition 51 semi-postal perforated and imperforated stamps, including four proofs and seven stamps without overprints, nice quality assemblage, mostly VF
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Revenue stamps

1918-21, Judicial stamps, 50k-100r, imperforated complete set of six, in addition nine perforated or imperforated fiscal stamps, fresh quality, full OG or no gum as issued, VF