Lots 602 - 607, Catalogue of Auction #73 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1891-1903, three pre-printed covers from Bukhara to Peshawar, two sent by registered mail, appropriately franked on reverse, delivered by different itineraries via Warsaw, Odessa, Brindisi and Bombay, each one bearing different "Sea Post Office" markings, appropriate arrival ds, some conveyance flaws, F/VF
603    56
1905, pre-printed cover from Samarkand to Staraya Bukhara, insufficiently franked by three stamps of 2k green on reverse, oval due marking on front, postmarked on arrival, minor conveyance flaws, still F/VF
1908-13, three PPC and one stationery card, two sent from Chardjui (Zakasp Obl) in 1908, one from Kokand in 1912 and one from Chardjui (Bukhara Khanate) in 1913, addressed to St. Petersburg, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, appropriately franked, one card with archival punches, mostly VF
605    83

Russian Consulate in Tabriz (Persia, now - Iran)

1915, registered cover to Switzerland, franked by vertical pair of 25k green and violet, tied by "Tabriz Ross. Konsulstvo" date stamp, censorship marking, arrival postmark and wax seals on reverse, VF and scarce
606    79, 83
1915, cover front of registered letter to Switzerland, franked by seven stamps, including 25k green and violet in block of six, Russian registered label, mounted on page from a Collection, fresh and VF (this item is not a complete cover)
607    103

Consulate in Tabriz Extremely Rare Mailing of the Soviet Period

1918, value declare (500rub) parcel card to Samara, franked on front and reverse by 32 Imperial stamps, including two Romanov Dynasty 3r dark violet, tied by "Tabriz Ross. Konsulstvo. 14.3.18" date stamp (Tchilinghirian fig. 303, reportedly used until 1916 only), nice quality, mounted on page from a Collection, VF, L. Melnikov certificate
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