Lots 608 - 609, Catalogue of Auction #73 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
608    85

St. Petersburg Football (Soccer) League

1915-16(?), pre-printed cover addressed to Rostov-on-Don Football Society, endorsed "registered" and franked by 50k lilac and green, unidentified dotted "mute cancellation",horizontal fold did not detract, part of a postmark on reverse, VF, it's not guaranteed to be genuine postal history item, however presented envelope with Football League pre-print is very rare
609    56

Rail Road and TPO Markings

1909, printed matter postcard from Vladivostok to London, franked by 2k green, red marking "S Expressom" (Trans- Siberian Express), London receiving ds, some water staining, otherwise F/VF