Lots 318 - 322, Catalogue of Auction #74 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
318  8
1881, Coat of Arms, 10s black and green, printed on horizontally laid paper, fresh, large part of OG, VF, C.v. $175
319  63
1901, Tsar Ferdinand, two-color die proof of unissued design (Tsar in Hat) of 25st in bluish green and dark brown violet, printed on chalk-surfaced paper, size 57x71mm, no gum as produced, VF
320 **   130-33
1918, Tsar Ferdinand, 1st-10st, imperforated plate proofs in issued colors, printed on chalk-surfaced paper, complete set in blocks of four, no gum as produced, NH, VF and rare multiples
321 **   1311-12 var
1964, Innsbruck Olympic Games, 1st and 2st, two bottom inscribed margin singles, imperforated at the bottom, first one with missing one tip of perforation at the top, the other one has tiny natural inclusion, still full OG, NH, VF and spectacular errors
322 **   1278, 2576-77, C92, C99

Group of Printing and Perforation Errors

1962-79, Conquest of Space, four items, representing imperforated single and pair, one fantail and se-tenant block of four printed on gum side, full OG, NH, VF