Lots 706 - 725, Catalogue of Auction #75 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
706 **   

Selection of Early Souvenir Sheets

1937-39, Visit King Carol to Poland, Independence, Polish Legion and Philatelic Exhibition, six souvenir sheets, full OG, NH, VF, Fischer Blocks 2-3, 5A, 7-8, PLN1,040
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707 **   341-43 var
1944, Great Personalities, 25g-1zl, complete set of three in gutter blocks of four, perforation 11 1/2, right vertical pairs printed on face, while left ones - on reverse, folded along the gutters, no gum as issued, NH, VF, Z. Mikulski certificate, Fischer #339-41, PLN4,800=US$1,350
708 **   Fischer #VIII-XVI, XVII-XXa
1945, Krakow issue, black surcharges "Poczta Polska. 50gr" on stamps of Generalgouvernement of 6gr-50gr, unissued complete set of nine and four proofs with the same surcharge on 60gr, 80gr, 1zl and 1.20zl, full OG, NH,VF and scarce, expertized by S. Mikstein, C.v. PLN5,300
709 **   346a
1945, brown surcharge (type 1) 1.50zl on Goznak stamp of 25gr deep red, full OG, NH, VF, expertized by T. Gryzewski, C.v. $650
710 **   B49c

Semi - Postal issues

1946, Educational Bureau issue, souvenir sheet of three, numbered at the bottom, fresh quality, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $375
711 **   Fischer #56-60, 68-72

Warsaw Uprising Issues

1944, Midtown Warsaw ("Srodmiescie"), black handstamp "Poczta Powstancza. W-wa Sierpien 1944" and Polish Eagle on stamps of Generalgouvernement NSDAP and Culture Fund, two complete sets of five, full OG (two stamps with slight fingerprints), NH, mostly VF and rare group, only 100 of each were prepared, but most destroyed during the fighting, each one expertized by S. Mikstein, C.v. PLN10,000=US$2,800
712  Fischer #113-17
1944, Poczta Polowa AK (Armia Krajowa), complete set of five, violet Poczta Polowa Warszawa "23.9.1944" ds, mostly VF, each one with "BMK" guarantee hs, C.v. PLN3,500
713 U F  Fischer #114
1944, Poczta Polowa AK (Armia Krajowa), light brown with no value indicated, vertical pair, complete violet Poczta Polowa Warszawa ds, VF, expertized by L. Schmutz, in addition complete set of five reprints
714    Fischer #117
1944, Poczta Polowa AK, dark brown with no value indicated, tied by black field post ds on local cover, boxed censorship No.18 marking, light fold away from the stamp, otherwise VF, expertized by L. Schmutz
715 **   Fischer #118
1944, Poczta Polowa AK (Armia Krajowa), red with no value indicated, type IV, right sheet margin single, no gum as produced, NH, VF, two expert's signs on margin, C.v. PLN600
716 **/*   Fischer #1/9

Local issues

1945, black handstamp "Poczta. Polska" on Generalgouvernement stamps, 10gr-1zl, nine values, including block of four, top stamps with inverted overprint, full OG, NH or LH (1), mostly VF and scarce group, each one with various expert's hs, including C. Ceremuga, T. Gryzevski, M. Perzynski and others
717 **   Fischer #4a, b


1945, two stamps with black or red handstamped surcharge "Poczta Polska. Milanowek" 1zl on Generalgouvernement 12gr dark violet, full OG, NH, VF and rare, expertized by Z. Korszen, C. Ceremuga certificate for each stamp
718  Fischer #2/18


1945, black handstamped surcharge "Poczta Polska" and Eagle 25gr, 50gr and 1zl on Generalgouvernement stamps of 6gr-1.60zl, cancelled set of 14, fresh condition, VF and rare group, quantity issued between 13 and 906 stamps, expertized by T. Gryzewski
719 **   Fischer #16, var
1945, black handstamped surcharge "Poczta Polska" and Eagle 1zl on 1zl greenish black, bottom sheet margin block of four, lower right stamp with inverted surcharge, full original slightly disturbed gum mostly on margin, NH,VF and rare multiple, expertized by J. Falkowski
720 **/U   Fischer #D1/10, D5 var

Postage Due stamps

1945, black handstamped surcharge "Doplata" and 50(gr) on Generalgouvernement dues of 6gr-60gr, cancelled set of six values and inverted surcharge on 16gr, top sheet margin single, full OG, NH, all are VF, quantity issued from 55 and 200 common stamps and not mentioned for inverted surcharge, expertized by E. Krawczyk and J. Falkowski
721 **   Fischer #2/20

Rudnik Nad Sanem

1945, black handstamped overprint "Poczta Polska. Rudnik" of three different types, group of 19 values and one stationery card, representing one stamp of type I, three of type II and 15 of type III, including block of four, full OG, NH (two stamps used), mostly VF and rare unit, each stamp properly expertized (L. Schmutz, H. E. Jungjohann, J. Ryblewski and others), C.v. PLN2,870
722  Fischer #1/18


1945, black handstamped surcharges "Poczta Polska" and denomination 25gr, 50gr and 1zl on Hitler's Head 2gr-1.60zl, cancelled set of 15 values, fresh quality, mostly VF and rare group, including No.13, 14 and 15were issued in quantity of 9, 12 and 13 examples respectively, expertized by E. Krawczyk
723  Fischer #22/27, 25 var
1945, black handstamped surcharges "Poczta Polska" and denomination 1.50zl, 2zl and 3zl on Generalgouvernement stamps of 2zl-6zl, cancelled set of five, in addition inverted surcharge 2zl on 4zl (bars),nice condition, VF, each stamp expertized by E. Krawczyk
724 */U   

Nice Group of Local issues

1945, 47 mint and used (10) and one cancelled envelope, representing issues of Brwinow (23), Legnica (2), Lezajsk (20), Zamosc (1) and one stamp with not identified overprint, neatly arranged on stockpages by Fischer Cat., some stamps appearing dubious, but most properly expertized, nice quality unit, full OG, NH/LH or used, F/VF and interesting specialized lot
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725  1K1-36

Offices in Danzig
Complete Collection

1925-36, "Port Gdansk", 37 mint stamps neatly arranged on Ka-Be pages, all "key" values expertized by S. Mikstein, nice quality, full OG, mainly LH, VF, C.v. $265
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