Lots 1882 - 1908, Catalogue of Auction #77 Raritan Stamps, Inc

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The Steve Alushin Collection of Rossika (issues of various countries commemorating different periods of Russian history)
Russian Royalty and Coat of Arms

1896-1917, Russian-French and Russian-French-Belgian Alliances, group of 40 stamps and two postcards, in addition Emperors' portraits, Arms of Emperor Nicholas II, Badges of Russian Provinces and etc., altogether 70 pieces, minor flaws possible, generally fresh quality, F/VF
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1913, 300th Anniversary of Romanov Dynasty, Portraits of Russian Monarchs, set of 25 (19 different designs), printed in Germany, fresh and VF

Military and Post-World War I Independence Issues

1890 -1916, 120 stamps and charity labels, commemoration Patriotic War of 1812, Crimean War of 1853-56, Russo- Japanese War of 1904-05, World War I and post War Independence of Latvia and Lithuania, printed in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland, generally fresh quality, mostly VF
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1914-15, Germany and Austria-Hungary in Fight against Russia in the World War I, five different sets, the total is 56 labels, representing various battle scenes, military commanders, German airplanes, mainly fresh condition, F/VF or better
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1918, Treaty at Brest-Litovsk, set of six embossed labels in various color combinations, fresh and VF

Promotional and Advertising Labels

1900-10's, 76 mainly multicolored labels, showing Russian types, costumes, views of Moscow and etc., representing foreign tobacco, chocolate, confectionery, tea, coffee and other advertisements, most printed in Germany, Finland and USA, nice and colorful assemblage, mainly VF
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1900-38, Exhibition promotion labels, group of 15, representing Paris, Riga, Moscow, Tallinn and Lwow various exhibitions, fresh quality, F/VF

Communist Propaganda Issues

1920-57, Portraits of Leaders and Military Commanders, Communist Achievements, group of 65 labels, printed in Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and etc., occasional flaws possible, generally fresh unit, F/VF or better
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1937-39, Communist Successes, selection of 164 labels, "Homenatge a la U.S.S.R." in blue, brown, rose carmine and violet, printed in Soviet Union for Spain, as well as Spanish communist issues, mainly nice quality, F/VF or better
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Anti-Bolshevik and Anti-Communism Propaganda Issues

1924, Moscow Kremlin, Minin and Pozharsky Monument, St. George and Orthodox Cross, 21 charity labels with surcharged value in black and newspaper advertising, issued in Yugoslavia, one stamp is creased, fresh and nice unit, mostly VF and scarce
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1930-38, League of Nations, Nansen International Refugees' Office, set of nine charity labels, each one valued 5 gold fr, printed in Switzerland, dates from "1930" to "1938" overprinted at the bottom, fresh, no gum as produced, VF and very rare
1948-64, Russian All National Popular State Movement (RONDD), 78 labels and 23 blocks or miniature sheets, most with slogan "Freedom for Russia, Freedom for Entire Europe", printed in Germany and USA, fresh condition, mostly VF
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Balance of the Collection

1896-1968, 180 labels honoring Royalty and White Armies, WW I charity, promotions and advertisements, Soviet achievements and anti-communism productions, some mixed condition especially on earlies should be expected, generally nice condition, F/VF
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1895  1

Imperial Fiscal and Revenue Stamps

Catalogue numbers are taken from J. Barefoot, Ltd "Russia Revenues"

State Excise

1880's, Pressed Yeast, 5k for 1/4 of pound in brown, pair of strips with red overprint "Obrazets",folded horizontally between strips, fresh quality, mostly VF
1896  11

Municipal Issues
St. Petersburg

1895, Residence Permit, five large die proofs, value tablet blank, colors: carmine, blue, brown, green and orange, approximate size 55x95mm, perfect quality, VF and extremely rare
1897  D  2

Kovno (now Kaunas)

1885, District Court Fee, 30k claret, pen-crossed together with General Revenue stamp of 60k on power of attorney, violet Court seal at the bottom, mounted on page from a Collection, VF
1898 */U   1/6


1881-90, Hospital Fee, 1r black and orange, 1r dark blue and light blue, perforated and imperforated singles and pairs of different issues, four unused and four used on pieces, mounted on page from a Collection, fresh quality, full OG or used, VF, perforated stamps from the Faberge Collection
1899  4

Lomzha (then Russian Poland)

1884, Court Delivery Fee, 15k black, red and blue, horizontal pair, pen-cross cancellation, fresh quality, VF
1900  1

Lucyn (now Ludza - Latvia)

1880, Chancellery Fee, 10k green, imperforated single, pen cancellation, fine and scarce
1901 **   1-5

Nikolayev Rail Road

1908, Rail Road Fee, 1k-10k, complete set of five, blocks of four, 5k with misplaced perforation as always, full OG, NH, VF
1902 */U   1-2


1895-1910, City Tax, 1r brown, unused and used, the last one with trimmed corner to prevent repeated use), 2r green with concentric circles cancellation, fresh and VF
1903 */U   1/11


1883-93, Residence Permit, 50k in various colors, 14 mint or used (12) stamps, including eleven singles and one strip of three, mounted on page from a Collection, mostly VF, several stamps ex-Kirchner, Faberge
1904  1


1891-99, Hospital Fee, 1r dark blue and lilac, two singles, one used on appropriate receipt, usual fold, both stamps are in nice quality, VF, single stamp is from the Faberge Collection
1905 */U   1/11


1877-1900, Chancellery stamps, 13 mostly pen- cancelled stamps (one - unused), one stamp with facial scratch, otherwise fresh and VF, some stamps ex- Faberge
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1906 */U   1-2


1898-1907, Residence Permit stamps, 10k multicolored and two of 10k dark blue on rose network, unused and used, mostly VF, first stamp is from the Faberge Collection
1907  4


1884, Chancellery Fee, 30k black on gray network, pen-cross and seal cancellations on a piece, VF and rare, ex-Faberge
1908 */U   8, 10


1886-1916, City Tax, 10k red on yellow paper and 10k blue on white paper, group of five stamps, four of which are used (one with perfin cancellation), mostly VF