Lots 1926 - 1940, Catalogue of Auction #77 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1926 Mi 6


1920, violet handstamped surcharge "p" (placed twice supposedly behind and in front of denomination) on 10k dark blue, appropriate postal cancellation, VF
1927 **   46, a

Far Eastern Republic
Blagoveschensk issue

1921, Coat of Arms, 30r violet, vertical block of 25 (13+12), bearing five stamps placed upside down, forming several tete- beche pairs, full OG, NH, VF and very scarce multiple
1928 */U   2/70, N3


1920-23, over 100 mostly mint stamps, including two blocks of four and three gutter blocks of six, representing most of the first "D.V.R." set, including 1r value (pencil signed Stolow, with APEX certificate), as well as some references material, fresh quality overall with just occasional flaws possible, full OG or no gum as issued, F/VF or better
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6
1930    85


1922, registered cover from Boguslav to Berlin via Moscow (Dr. Brender's correspondence), franked on reverse by upward surcharge 7500(r) on Saving stamp of 5k in block of four, Berlin arrival, minor soiling, F/VF and scarce real commercial cover, Raybaudi certificate
1931 */U  Mi 1-3, A1-2

Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus

1922, black handstamped "Star" surcharge on Imperial stamps, perforated complete set of three, imperforated pair of 2k and a single of 5k, latest ones are postally used in Vladikavkaz (pair) and in Mozdok, fresh condition overall, full/part of OG or used, F/VF and very scarce assembly
1932 */U  Mi 1/9 I, 1/6 II

Semenov (N. Novgorod Gub.)

1920, black surcharge "rub" of two sizes, the total is 11 mint (2) or used stamps, mostly F/VF, two stamps expertized by A. Cronin and one by A. Rosselevitch
1933 Mi 1 F2

Siberia - Nikolayevsk-on-Amur issue

1921, handstamped overprint with upper remainders of "15" on 20k blue and red, perforated single, a part of Nikolayevsk cancellation, fresh and VF, expertized by S. Pappadopulo and A. Rosselevitch, C.v. ?2,500
1934 **/*   

Verkhneudinsk (now Ulan-Ude) issue

1921, dark blue or red overprint "Provisional Zemstvo Government of Baikalia" on perforated and imperforated Imperial 1r-10r and on "Sword Breaking Chain" of 35k and 70k, the total is ten values, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF
1935 */U   1/118

Collection on Scott Album Pages

1919-22, Kolchak issue, representing 26 mint stamps, including 13 surcharge errors with one block of four, all, but one, in never hinged condition; the Nikolayevsk issue represents 44 mint or used stamps, including genuine surcharges (marked with "G") of No. 56-57, 61, 63 and 70, as well as nice range of later issues, practically all genuine, except two or three stamps, fresh quality overall, F/VF or better, C.v. is over $3,800
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2, 3, 4
1936 */U   1/71

South Russia
Collection on Scott Album Pages

1918-20, 123 mint or used stamps, starting with Novocherkassk and Kuban issues, including Ermak in block of four, genuine complete set of Saving stamps 1k-10k with surcharge 10r, plus extra 1k, inverted surcharge 70k on Saving stamp of 1k (only one sheet was printed, listed in Michel), nice Crimea and Denikin issues, altogether eight inverted or doubled surcharges, some references items and many more, full OG, NH/hinged or used, F/VF
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
1937 Mi 2a, 4a, 1b, 3b

Spassk (Kazan Gub.)

1920, red surcharges 10r on 10k, diagonal and horizontal 20r on 20k; black surcharges 5r on 5k and two 15r on 15k, the last one - on a piece, all are postally used, cancellations reads: Spassk, Spassky Zaton and Uspenskoye-Yukhmachi, fresh quality overall, F/VF, four stamps expertized by W. Pohl, A. Cronin and A. Rosselevitch
1938 **/*  Mi 1-7


1922, violet handstamped overprint "Vydano" on perforated and imperforated stamps of 2k-7r, 11 stamps with various positions of overprint, full OG, NH or LH/hinged, mostly VF
1939  3b/6b


1920, violet handstamped surcharges 3r/3k- 10r/10k, all are postally used, in addition horizontal pair of 1r/1k and a single of 2r/2k - official Soviet reprints, F/VF and scarce group