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The Icarus Collection of Worldwide Air Mail Stamps and Postal History

On behalf of the owner Raritan Stamps, Inc. offers remarkable The Icarus Collection of Worldwide Air Mail Stamps and Postal History. The Collection contains 290 lots, representing philatelic material from about 70 countries, including the first class air post rarities, commemorative issues, proofs and varieties, Pioneer and Zeppelin Flight covers, SCADTA Flight stamps and correspondences, over 25 separate country collective lots and remainders, two Worldwide stamp and cover collections.


Highlights include the following Rare Airmail Stamps:

  • Australia 1920, First Aerial Post England - Australia vignette in dark blue, no value indicated, miniature sheet with complete margins, watermark Crown over A, full original gum (slightly toned), LH on margin, VF and rare, BPA certificate. This vignette were issued by the Prime Minister's Department of the Commonwealth after completion on February 26, 1920 the Ross and Keith Smith Flight on airplane "Vickers Vimy G-EAOU" (Lot #7)
1920, First Aerial Post England - Australia vignette
1919, Colombia, airmail stamp with black overprint
  • Colombia 1919, black overprint "1er Servicio Postal Aereo. 6-18-19" on 2c carmine rose, fresh and flawless copy from position 9 of the setting, large part of OG, previously hinged, VF and rare, several hs signatures on reverse, PF and A. Roig certificates, only 200 stamps were overprinted for the first experimental flight from Barranquilla to Puerto Colombia, 160 of those were used on correspondences, remained 40 copies made this stamp an unconditional airpost rarity, C.v. $3,500 for a faulted copy. (Lot #28)
  • France 1928, SS "Ile de France" surcharges, complete set of two, the high value is bottom sheet margin copy with Le Havre date stamp on reverse, perfect condition, full OG, NH, F/VF, R. Calves and Raybaudi certificates, C.v. $15,000 (Lot #66)
1928, France airmail stamp with "Ile de France" surcharges
1912 Germany Regensburg Air Post issue
  • Germany 1912, Regensburg Air Post issue, complete set of three, the high value is left sheet margin copy, full OG, LH, VF and rare, H. Sieger certificate for complete set, Mi C.v. €4,200 (Lot#98)
  • Italy 1933, General Balbo Flight, black overprint ''Volo Di Ritorno. New York - Roma'' on Balbo 5.25L+44.75L red, green and ultra, right sheet margin copy, full OG, NH, VF, A. Bollafi, Zanaria and Sorani certificates, Scott #C49 fn, C.v. $43,000 (Lot #118)
Italy 1933 General Balbo Flight, black overprint
1940, Macao, air post stamp with  inverted green
  • Macao 1940, New York World's Fair, inverted green overprint on 50a red brown, full OG, NH, VF, only 25 stamps with inverted overprint were produced, expertized by S. Wolf, Scott #C13 fn; (Lot #155)
  • Newfoundland 1919, Hawker Trans-Atlantic First Flight, black overprint on Caribou 3c red brown, full OG, previously hinged, VF, expertized by E. Diena and others, PF certificate,Unitrade #C1, C.v. C$35,000, Scott C.v. $25,000; (Lot #165)
1919, Newfoundland, Hawker Trans-Atlantic First Flight overprint on the stamp
1927, Newfoundland, De Pinedo Return Flight red overprint on the stamp
  • Newfoundland 1927, De Pinedo Return Flight to Europe, red overprint on King Henry VII 60c black, full OG, LH, VF, A. Diena and Harmers of London certificates, Unitrade #C4, C.v. C$60,000, Scott C.v. $42,500; (Lot #171)
  • San Marino 1951, Flag and Airplane, 1000L blue and dark red brown, miniature sheet of six, nice and fresh, full OG, NH, VF, only 1820 sheets were produced, A. Bolaffi certificate, Scott #C77, C.v. $9,000; (Lot #198)
1951, San Marino, Flag and Airplane stamp sheet
1931, Soviet Union, Airship over the Arctic Region trial color proof
  • Soviet Union 1931, Airship over the Arctic Region, imperforated trial color proof of 50k in violet brown, full OG, previously hinged, VF, according to Sanabria only 24 copies of this rarity were printed, P. Buchsbayew certificate, Scott #C23; (Lot #211)
  • USA 1930, Graf Zeppelin issue, complete set in plate number blocks of six, full OG, NH, F/VF, Scott #C13-15, C.v. $19,100 (Lot #274)
1930, USA Graf Zeppelin stamps

We are very proud, that Raritan Stamps, Inc. was chosen to present this outstanding Collection, which will bring a lot of joy to many collectors of airmail stamps and covers, long waited to obtain such rare and truly unique material.

The Live Telephone-Internet Auctions #50 will start at 12pm (EST) on December 1, 2011.

Catalogue of this Sale is posted on the website with full color images.
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