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1903, mixed franking postcard from Newchwang (October 19) via Russian PO at Hinkou (Yingkou) to Hungary, franked by Chinese 4c brown (tied by violet oval Peking marking) and a pair of red overprint "Kitai" on 2k green, "Yinkou. Field Telegraph Office of Priamursky Region. 7.X.1903. Serial 1" date stamp, all transits and Budapest "8.Nov.1903" arrival are alongside, mostly VF and rare. The Port of Newchwang (Yingkou, Hinkou) is the only Treaty Port in Manchuria situated at Lyao River. Russian Troops were entered Newchwang on August 5, 1900. Mail to Europe was routed through the Russian PO at Hinkou for transit to the Trans-Siberian Railway. All mail must have both Chinese and Russian franking of the same value .




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