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Image and Description of Lot #940 of Auction #89

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Moldavia - Walachia


Lot # 940   |    * block   |   Scott # 15-17, 19-21, var

   Exhibition Style Collection
1862-65, Coat of Arms, 3pa, 6pa and 30pa, 92 stamps in singles, five pairs, including 2 couche, 2 blocks of four, strips of four and six, block of six containing 3 couche, neatly arranged and inscribed on six pages, representing stamps printed from single dies and typographic plates, numerous printing varieties presented for the last ones, nice quality group, vast majority with full original cracked gum (a few unused, no gum), F/VF or better, C.v. is well over $3,500, Mi #8 I-9 I, 8 II-10 II, €4,500++
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