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Zalau (Zilah)
The First issue
The Best Ever Formed Study

1945, 49 different Hungarian definitive stamps surcharged in black with 1p, 2p, 3p and 5p, each surcharge presented in 4 to 12 different types, altogether Collection contains 228 mainly different stamps as well as 28 reprints and one surcharged stationery postcard, which is dubious according to Mr. Carrigan's opinion; it's including large amount of surcharges, which were printed in very limited quantities, since some types exist from two to four per setting of 50, in addition here are five used values, properly cancelled by Zalau (2p/80f - the only known), Tasnad and Ulmeni, we note one inverted surcharge 3p/5f (small thin), two se-tenant pairs of 2p/4f and 2p/10f, and other numerous rarities, perfect quality material, full OG (a few stamps without gum), NH or LH, mostly VF
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