Raritan  Stamps, Inc. is an Philatelic Auction House and Dealers 
	in Worldwide stamps and postal history. Raritan Stamps, Inc. conducts quarterly Stamp Auctions with about 1500 lots of 
	rare stamps and covers.

Raritan Stamps, Inc.



Raritan Stamps, Inc. was established in January 1998 by two philatelic professionals - Nikolai Kondrikov and Yuriy Yablonovskiy with their total philatelic experience over 75 years.

Raritan Stamps started as a show and mail order business. In 1999 was founded the International Philatelic Auction House. Raritan Stamps, Inc. has been growing since and currently employs five professionals.

Raritan Stamps, Inc. is the world leading dealer in Russian stamps and postal history of all regimes.

During past three years Raritan Stamps has offered about 20,000 lots on Auctions and e-Bay with total realization of over $5 million.

Both founders of the company are members of ASDA, APS, NSDA, IFSDA, BSRP, Rossica, UPNS in good standing.

Nikolai Kondrikov, President of the Company. He started collecting Soviet Union stamps in the middle of 1970's, when he was a student of Moscow Aviation University. He became a part-time dealer in 1981 and a full-time dealer starting from 1992. His areas of interest are Russian Imperial stamps and postal history, Great Britain and British Commonwealth, Asian material, especially Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese stamps and covers.

Yuriy Yablonovskiy, Vice-President. He began collecting Soviet Union stamps when he was a young boy. Yuriy has almost 40 years of experience in Russian philately, including Empire, Zemstvo, RSFSR and Soviet Union stamps and covers. He is the most competent and trustworthy specialist in Russian material in the world.

Tatiana Kondrikova, Chief Information Officer (CIO). She is high level Information Technology professional with Ph.D. in computer science. Tatiana has been working for Raritan Stamps, Inc. on full time basis from 2002. Since that time she has personnaly created and maintained Raritan Stamps website, Auction Software, Database and the Live Internet Bidding system. Not only she is a great Infomation Tecnology specialist but also she has a deep knowledge of the philatelic world. Her collecting interest is in Soviet Union stamps 1923-61.

Alex Khislavskiy, Senior Philatelist. His experience with Raritan Stamps, Inc. started in 2007. He's been a great addition to the company since. His undivided passion for the philately and strong financial experience are playing a great role in the company.

Raritan Stamps, Inc.